Warfare? The fight is ON!

May 6, 2017 I walked down the aisle and gave up MY life to become united in a life that was OURS. People are SO quick to highlight the PEAKS in a marriage and relationship but seldomly one is quick to be real and speak on the VALLEYS. 

I get it… you want to look picture perfect you don’t want anybody to know the relationship and marriage involves two HUMANS that are imperfect. Well the secret is.. it’s NO secret. We’re humans. Marriage doesn’t stay at peaks and with that said… it also doesn’t stay in the valley.  

I have always found it annoying that the devil chooses to play mind games with ME. Because at THIS point.. Sir… move around. It’s just a losing battle. But nevertheless he has to stay on his job stealing, killing, and destroying. Per usual.

What I’ve came to realize is when you have a relationship with God the enemy comes for you harder. Using people attached to you to knock you off your game, distract you, and ultimately trying to destroy whatever you are attached to simply because you are attached to God. It’s no secret. We know this for a fact. 

The arguments, the misplaced words, the “get yo own plate”, and the highlighted imperfections play so well with the agenda of killing, stealing, and destroying what’s attached to you. What’s already divinely written. Y’all remember the day I got married. I talked about it openly that the enemy played mind games all the way to the aisle… that Tim wasn’t gonna be there. Well obviously THAT was a lie. 

I’m part of a generation that’s half old school love and half “real ass bihhh give a”…. These days it’s so easy to walk away. So easy to play tit for tat…. Until you realize it’s a spiritual warfare at hand. And the only way to win that kind of warfare is with the right warfare. It’s not keeping points, it’s not withholding anger, and it’s not even tit for tat. It’s warfare and it’s not with your spouse. 

So because the devil is attempting (and still failing) to run rampant in a valley.. I had to take it back to exactly where Those Woods began as one. I know y’all saw that cute selfie I took yesterday but what y’all didn’t know is.. it got real ugly out there. Lbvs. I have all the time in the world to serve notice that this is one marriage of two that will not easily be broken because it was intertwined with another May 6, 2017. Me, Tim, God. Sometimes you just gotta take it there!

So I walked that SAME aisle reminding the devil LITTLE annoying self that I was the wrong one, Tim was the wrong one, but he had the RIGHT marriage. I just asked him a few questions like “Who are YOU compared to the God I KNOW?” Lbvs. He’s a bully and I had time. It was no threats given. Only promises that God gave those Woods. You have to continuously beat him at his own game. It doesn’t begin or stop at marriage that he plays these games. It’s your whole life he likes to play with! And his little game is only triumphed in the spirit realm.  

Marriage isn’t unicorns, kissy faces, and rainbows all the time. Sometimes it has to get ugly to show you are NOT playing any games. And nothing is going to be handed over without a fight.  Not a fight between husband and wife but a fight of the divine purpose. I said everything I had to say, I prayed for a covering for not only my marriage but my friends marriages as well and then I gave God HIS due praise for us ALL because it’s already done. 

I flipped that duster and told the enemy as far as MY marriage and the marriages of MY friends… he just can’t have it!  Keep coming for me and mine and ANYBODY attached to me and I’m sending God EVERY TIME. I can only win when I know what I’m up against. Never physical. Always spiritual. I’m equipped for the fight! 


Author: Amianamonik