5 Reasons To Visit Jamaica

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”
― Judith Thurman

Jamaica is one of those countries you go to and wonder why did it take so long to get there. Aside of the beauty that it offers with white sand beaches and vibrant blue waters there are so many reasons to visit this country. We will break down the Top 5 Reasons why you should have a passport stamp with the JAMAICA on it!

1. The Hospitality
I have traveled to many destinations due to the unforgiving pull of wanderlust and somehow I always find my way back to Jamaica. I have met this beautiful country many times and the hospitality that this country displays is UNMATCHED. If you are looking to be treated like the QUEEN you are Jamaica has definitely has you covered! I have been all over Jamaica from Montego Bay to Negril to Ocho Rios and they do not falter in treating you like royalty anywhere in the country! It is such a refreshing feeling to have such phenomenal treatment. Once you check in to the hotel, I recommend Riu Hotel Montego Bay, they never forgot my name! Every time I came in contact with anyone during my stay they always said “Hello Amy” and that kept blowing my mind! It’s the small things, it made me feel welcomed. Traveling anywhere in the world during your stay the key is to feel like “this is home away from home” and I have always felt like this in Jamaica.

2. The Culture
Jamaica’s culture is very intriguing! A lot of people think of Jamaica and they automatically see Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, or think about Jerk Chicken. Although these things are part of Jamaica it does not begin to touch the true culture of Jamaica. Jamaica has a country wide bond and sense of resiliency that I as an American can’t say that I’m accustomed to. As a woman of color I loved seeing a whole country full of people who looked like me that I felt connected to somehow. I’ve tried my very best to learn Patois, which is a language Jamaicans speak that has influences from French, Spanish, Arawak, Twi and many others, to connect with Jamaicans further but, that language is still a work in progress! The MOST intriguing thing to me about Jamaican culture is they own their land. As I am currently in the draining and tedious process of owning a home, owning your own land and home is a blessing! Another intriguing fact about Jamaica is they do not leave their fellow brother or sister homeless. Now again, as an American that is something that I can’t say I even understand because no matter what city I go to in America it is a guarantee I will see a homeless person. Jamaicans really do have a bond between each other that I wish the USA would adopt. But, that’s for another time.

3. The Scenery
Of course I couldn’t get away without talking about the beauty of Jamaica! It’s comical to me because I like to say that Jamaica caught my attention because of it’s beauty but the country itself captured my heart due to things like the hospitality and culture. It’s been said several time that Negril has the best beaches in Jamaica and I would agree. Negril has the white sandy beaches with crystal blue water but I think the real difference between say Negril and Montego Bay is the seaweed bottom on the ocean floor! This is a HUGE difference. No one likes to walk through the ocean with seaweed between their toes, seriously guys, it was very uncomfortable. Aside of that small problem, the beaches are beautifully crafted by God that you could look at endlessly. But, you know what I love the most about the scenery? The stars at night. The whole sky is filled with stars! You know the country is beautiful when it takes your breath away at night! I always make it my business to sit on the beach at night and listen to the crashing waves of the water and gaze from left to right looking at what seems to be a million stars! We definitely don’t have this luxury in Illinois.

4. All Inclusive
All Inclusive is really the only way to travel. You begin to not only realize this but appreciate this once you’ve been to places that you are coming out of more and more money during the trip. All inclusive resorts and hotels are pretty awesome but you have to be very mindful! Having endless access to food and drinks at anytime of the day or night, you can find yourself frowning at the scale when you come back from vacation. With just about anything moderation is key, vacation is no different.
I think all-inclusive is beneficial because you are paying for your trip, food, transportation, flight, and drinks all upfront. Once you actually get to your destination spot, the only thing you have to worry about is tipping, taxi’s, and excursions. And trust me you want to take advantage of the excursions! I highly recommend the Catamaran that takes you to Dunn’s River Fall and Horseback riding excursion!

5. Inexpensive
Jamaica is one of the most inexpensive places to visit aside of Mexico. Who doesn’t like to plan inexpensive luxury trips? Trip planning to Jamaica for me has ranged anywhere from $700 to $900 and every time these prices has included my round trip airfare. Listen, you can’t beat that price for all the reasons listed above which is pretty priceless if you ask me! Not to mention when comparing the US dollar to Jamaican dollar there’s a significant difference!

So, whether you are planning a girls trip, baecation, or family vacation Jamaica should be one of your top choices!
Happy planning!

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