5 Ways To Celebrate Bae!

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There’s nothing better than thinking out of the box when it comes to celebrating love or life with bae. If you are not creative that’s okay I have you covered! Celebrating the man in your life should be fun and thoughtful. After all, that’s what we expect right?

1. Wine and Dine
Sounds so simple right? Let’s think outside the box just for a second. Make his favorite dinner or grab take out and enjoy each other’s company at the park. Wait until the sun begins to set and grab a blanket, a couple of candles (pre-lit candles are amazing), pick a great IHeartRadio station (Jodeci or Avant never disappoints) and eat together with no distractions.

2. Massage
I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t appreciate a massage! After a long day of work help him unwind and relax. If you don’t have any massage oil already grab baby oil or coconut oil from your nearest store. Let him shower first so that he is undoubtedly relaxed and give him a full body massage! Take your time to massage his body from head to toe! Yes, scalp massages are appreciated. Trust me on this. Don’t forget to light a few candles to create a romantic ambiance.

3. Get Candid
Write down how much he means to you and read it to him. Something so simple like this can leave a huge impact. He’s appreciated and much as we want to assume he already knows this, telling him is refreshing for him to hear. Being honest, being vulnerable, being open is and will always be a PLUS. When you are done reading the letter, hand it to him so that he can always refer back to this when you are apart. Or after reading the letter keep it so when bae is getting on every last nerve you have you can remember WHY you chose him.

4. Show Interest In His Hobby
Hobbies vary with every man, only you know what bae loves to do outside of work. Instead of giving him “personal time” to enjoy his hobby, show interest! If it is something that you can do with him, attempt to do it! If bae has a hobby that you have no inside knowledge on, ask him to explain to you how it works. Giving him an opportunity to open up and talk about what he likes outside of your relationship will create a better bond between you two.

5. Plan A Fun Date Night
Planning a date night obviously will need more than a day, but make it happen! Remember, it’s about him and him feeling appreciated. Maybe this weekend you can execute this plan. Scavenger Hunt Dates are fun! Hear me out on this one. You pick a couple of friends to get in on this, and also a couple of restaurants who will be play along! Always go to the bartenders, they love this! You start out with a note at home that has a clue as to where the next clue will be. Now, I’ll be honest you may have to get one of his friends to accompany him that knows where they should go next but is trustworthy enough to not spill the beans! At each location there will be a clue that ultimately leads him to you! Finish the night doing what you guys love to do in your spare time. Maybe that means bowling, movies, shooting pool, hanging over a friends house, playing cards, the list is endless. MAKE IT YOUR OWN.

Leave a comment below and let us know which option you think would be a good fit for you and your bae!

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