A Woman Refound!

“You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to feel the yearning that your soul requires from you.”

If you haven’t guessed it yet we are talking today about self-love! There was a season in my life where it was almost like self-love was non-existent. There are so many reasons as to why one would battle with this could be a bad childhood, toxic relationships, or even self-sabotage because you know what they say.. “we are our own worst enemy.”

For me it was not being able to turn off the opinions of other people. I let other people’s ideas of me start to form my reality, and looking back NOW that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life! Because, it took me down a dark path of re finding myself. Now I know everyone’s self rediscovery doesn’t all go down a dark path so sis if your self rediscovery involve rainbows and confetti burst this part is not for you.

I’m speaking to the women who Sarah Jake Roberts refer to as the Bruised Heel Society. It means life hasn’t been easy, as a matter of fact  life at times has been so tough it was hard to find that mustard seed of faith that people talk about. I didnt do everything perfectly! My journey hasn’t been straight and narrow. But, nevertheless persistence made a way!

Click the link below to hear Sarah Jake’s Roberts talk about Skin In The Game!! https://youtu.be/9_s9oHwvRVQ

I found that in my walk a whole lot of God and a substantial amount of affirmations was the perfect recipe to the woman who desperately needed to find herself again! Now, you’re probably saying “I understand what you’re saying but, desperate though?” Yes!

I was desperate. The same level of desperation people refer to when they say “so and so is desperate for a man”, “she’s desperate for attention” or even the phrase “desperate for a job.” Or you could say I was THIRSTY! Lol! No, but really. I was desperate for Amiana! And even MORE desperate to have God help me find her!

It’s something about God being in the midst that will always leave your mind BLOWN. I not only found myself but she was nothing like I left her. When I found her again she was stronger, wiser, slow to speak and quick to listen and if you know me… Chiiiile that was ALL God!

IF you are in a season of your life where you are battling self rediscovery and self love I suggest two things.

#1. Talk to God.

Don’t be afraid to talk to Him! Don’t be deceived that you are too far in any situation or habit that His ears won’t be open to you. He said give him something to work with and He’ll do the rest! Mustard seed remember? Talk to him!

#2. Affirm! Affirm! Affirm!

Start speaking over yourself. After planning, praying, and thinking you must act! Affirming over yourself everyday in this life is so crucial! Think about it. We talk everyday all day but it’s in those quiet times that may get the best of us that no one else is aware of..what are we saying to ourselves? When the guard is let down, the fake smile becomes tears, and the mind races non stop, what are you saying to yourself? Don’t let that quiet time be used to deter sis! Use it to your advantage!

If you are new to affirming over your life here are affirmations you need to incorporate immediately.

I am made with no mistakes

I am beautiful

I am worthy

I am free from my past

I am breaking free from captivity

I am my own competition

I am a survivor

If you would like daily reminders of new affirmations please follow my Pinterest board!

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  • There’s only ONE you. Refine her. Love her. Heal her.

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