Fashion Friday: The Polka Dot!

“There is never a wrong time for a polka dot.”
Marc Jacobs

I’d honestly have to say I fell in love with the pattern after watching Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts was one of the first people I saw to wear polka dot in her role as Vivian Ward. To me it represented class, elegance, and fun even as a young girl. Still to this day that representation of the style has not changed!

When you think of classic styles what comes to mind? Well, of course the little black dress, leopard print, and one would even say the trench coat. But, many overlook the polka dot as a classic piece. The polka dot is just as classic as the other styles that may come to mind first! Let’s talk about why!

Originating loosely from the Bohemian traditional dance called the polka dot, the term took on its own identity in the fashion world. Making its premiere debut in 1857 by the way of Godey’s Lady’s Book, a women’s lifestyle magazine. Godey’s Lady Book would refer to a scarf with round dots as polka dots and history began for the fashion staple.

Although polka dots were introduced so early on it seemed to gain more of a liking as Walt Disney, in 1928, introduced one of the most favorited characters to this day! Minnie Mouse. Minnie Mouse was presented to the world in a red polka dot dress and head bow. Just two years later the polka dot made its presence semi-permanently into the women’s fashion world.

It was not until the 1950’s when Christian Dior introduced this timeless pattern into its fashion line that it would be arguably stated the polka dot was here to stay! As we know still to this day, Christian Dior is and has been one of the elite influences in the fashion world. Introducing this pattern into a cocktail dress sent the fashion world into a frenzy!

Polka dot fashion itself started out with simple accessories like scarves and bow ties. But, mid 19th century is when the pattern took flight into homes around the world! Having more options than just scarves and bow ties, the polka dot was created in dresses, swimsuits, and a plethora of clothing designs.

Here in 2021, Polka dots are still alive and well thriving in the variety of children’s clothing, swimsuits, hats, shoes, and even dolls! It has proven itself to be one of the timeless classics and staples in the world of fashion! It really is owed a spot in the closet right next to the LBD, leopard print, and the trench coat!

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