Let’s Talk Fashion: The Leopard Print

As far back as I can remember there has always been two groups of people when it comes to leopard print: Those who dare and those who dare not. Leopard print is a classic print that debuted in the fashion world in 1947. There’s been great debate whether this particular print is viewed as sophisticated and luxurious or downright trashy and gaudy. Again I say, those who dare and those who dare not. Just like any other fashion piece leopard, simply put, is a preference, a personal view, and a personal style.

I am one of “those people” who will always DARE when it comes to this print. My closet is full of leopard and the collection grows daily. My views on leopard print is not one of trashiness, gaudiness, or even luxuriousness. My views on leopard print screams fearless. I don’t see the print in any other light other than fearless. Well, I take that back depending on what article of clothing leopard is in I can say I also see leopard as sassy.

For those who are on the fence about this print here are my Top 3 reasons as to why leopard should be included in your wardrobe.


Leopard print is a classic style that can be paired with literally any color. Typically leopard is worn with solid colors to give your “look of the day or night” a POP. Leopard can change a boring look instantly with the smallest addition such as a scarf or shoes. Who wouldn’t want a classic piece or pieces in their closet?

Show Stopper

Whether you agree or don’t agree on the print itself there is no argument that leopard is true enough a show stopper. Leopard can almost be compared to every woman’s LBD (little black dress). Fashion experts state that the LBD is a closet staple and that every one should have one. The perfect LBD symbolizes elegance, simplicity, and style. This too can also be said about the perfect leopard piece.


Leopard is a print that can be worn in the office and outside of the office. You can easily pair a leopard printed dress with a nice solid blazer and ballet flats for a day of work in the office. After the 9-5, whether its meeting co-workers for happy hour or going out with girls, the same “office” dress can be dressed up simply by removing the blazer and adding your favorite heel. Sometimes the conveniences of simple changes on the go creating a whole new look in a matter of seconds is ideal. Trust me.

I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts of leopard print. What side are you on? Those who dare? Or those who dare not?

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