Top 4 Reasons To Support Pop Up Shops

This past Sunday I attended my very first pop up shop and after leaving I questioned myself as to
why I hadn’t been sooner. This trend that is also called Pop Up retail started in Los Angles, CA that has made its way across all 50 states and around the world including countries like England, Japan, China and Canada. It’s almost human nature to bypass a topic that we are not entirely familiar with when first introduced to it. I have been guilty of this when it came to pop up shops, but my girlfriend and I decided to see what the hype was all about.

As I stated previously, I attended a pop up shop this past weekend held by Closet Graffiti in St. Louis, MO held at Verbadem. Closet Graffiti, owned by Elizabeth Gibson (pictured below), is an online store that specializes in a variety of statement pieces that includes arm candy, unique bags, eye wear, and necklaces to name a few. I decided to make Closet Graffiti’s pop up shop part of my Sunday Funday and I was not disappointed. I will say the reason I chose Closet Graffiti to be my first experience was because of their focus statement. “Our main focus is to provide premium and unique looks for an affordable price with a diverse selection.” It says to a customer like myself they are dedicated in supplying diversity and uniqueness! I have had one too many encounters where I saw my “fashion twin” out and about, so finding a company that is dedicated to unique and affordable selections? I just couldn’t say no.

After mingling with Elizabeth and taking my time to look at what Closet Graffiti had to offer, I have the top 4 reasons you should support pop up shops.

#1. Putting a face with the brand
Most online retail stores try to make their websites as inviting and welcoming as possible because it is
a great possibility most of their consumers will never have the chance to meet them personally. Pop shops give you the chance to mingle and talk to the owner directly. Gaining personal rapport with business owners you are supporting, is and has always been a great advantage. Getting to put a face with the brand as well as gaining rapport turns customers into loyal customers.

#2. Supporting an entrepreneur
Pop up shops give you the opportunity to support your local entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurship is definitely not for the faint of heart, taking the time out to support someone following their dreams speaks volumes to the entrepreneur in them. Being in a position to uplift and support the next person should be a goal that everyone has whether it is financial, physical, or emotional. This reason also ties into reason #1, putting a face with the brand. Hearing their story, hearing their WHY, gives you the opportunity to help them reach their goal!

#3. Opportunity for networking
Pop up shops create the ultimate networking opportunity! This is beneficial for the owner and their consumers. Attending a pop up shop opens many avenues for anyone looking to network while also supporting the event. Being able to network while supporting another business owner is a magic that needs to be created more often! Of course before randomly handing out your business cards, make sure that the vibe is set for the networking opportunity. Communication is key!

#4. Physical store vibes
Pop up shops eliminate the nerve wrecking wait for the mailman. Let’s be honest we’ve all ordered that “banging” outfit that we had all sorts of plans for and when it arrives?…. whomp whomp it either doesn’t fit or it looks nothing like the picture advertised. The advantage to pop up shops is being able to get your hands on the products you have seen online to ensure that it fits or fits your style! I always like to try glasses on prior to buying. I am a fan of big framed glasses and making sure they were big enough for my face was convenient. There were so many styles to choose from but, leopard always steals my heart!

I urge you to be open-minded and visit the next pop up shop in your area! Who knows, maybe you too will walk away with pretty dope statement pieces like myself!

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