Walking In Heels With The Munroe Workshop

“High heels empower women in a way” -Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin couldn’t have said it any better than being quoted his opinion on women and heels. You can find almost every woman across the world with at least a couple pair of heels in their closet. Although finding a pair of heels in almost every closet is easy, wearing the heels comfortably is the true rare find.

I had the pleasure of spending a night with The Munroe Workshop who’s mission is dedicated in ensuring all women not only have a fly pair of heels but also knowing how to walk in them properly. This workshop was very intriguing to me as I have never heard of any workshop dedicated to women in this manner.

Owner of Munroe Shoetique and founder of The Munroe Workshop, Crystal Lee, is leaving no woman left behind on her watch. Crystal Lee, St. Louis native, has passionately found purpose in shoe retail. Crystal has found the perfect combination to boost the closet with the hottest heels as well as boosting confidence every step of the way…literally.

The MunroeWorkshop started off with a glass of champagne for the attendees along with a gift bag for their attendance. This was the perfect ice breaker amongst the class as every woman was not entirely familiar with one another. It created the environment of unity and transparency that is so crucial amongst women.

After a few minutes of sipping champagne and talking amongst each other the workshop was set to begin. Although I loved every minute of the class from beginning to end, the beginning of the workshop is definitely a moment to remember. As stated previously Crystal is dedicated to help women keep their confidence as high as their heels.

The workshop started off with every woman looking into the mirror and repeating an affirmation of confidence in unison. This set the stage for every woman in attendance to own the moment.

Knowledge is key to be successful in anything and the subject of walking in heels is not and should not be exempt. Crystal provided vital information regarding choosing the correct shoe style according to everyone’s personal foot. This was beneficial knowledge to me as I lack the arch in my foot and most of the time it is difficult to wear high heels for a long extended period of time. For example, with a woman like myself born with flat feet, Crystal suggests wearing a shoe insert is the most ideal to alleviate pain. If pain is only occurring in one area of the foot like the ball of the foot, then taping the third and fourth toes together may also alleviate pain (make sure you are counting from the big toe).

Now that the confidence and knowledge flowed effortlessly through the room, it was time to strut across the room in our high heels! The energy throughout the room was contagious as every woman cheered on each woman who walked her walk! There were a few women who were learning for the first time and of course there were your heel veterans but every woman received encouragement and praise for the strut! It was a very welcoming and fun atmosphere to be in whether coming alone or coming with girlfriends for a girls night out.

What Crystal Lee is doing in St. Louis, MO with The Munroe Workshop is empowering, inspiring, and motivating women to embrace their high heels and confidence one strut at a time. There’s no such thing as too many shoes in the closet, shop the Munroe Shoetique here: http://instagram.com/munroeshoetique

The next upcoming Munroe Workshop is right around the corner and dedicated to prom season! Stay in the know for all upcoming events by following The Munroe Workshop here: http://instagram.com/her_strut.

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