What IS the correct order to apply skincare products?

You would surprised to know that there is in fact a correct order to apply all skincare products! Wait..what? Yes! Now if I’ve already confused you don’t worry we are going to go over the correct order for your morning routine.

Now, to be honest I absolutely had no clue that there was a proper order! I’ve always had my regular “face” routine. Wash my face, pat it dry, apply moisturizer, swipe of the lipstick, and there you have it. Well, as I have become more intentional on taking care of my skin, I have found a great deal of information I was unaware of! This has been very helpful on my own personal skincare journey to ensure I am doing the everything I need to keep my skin young, fresh, and healthy!

Going through the routine can at first seem very overwhelming but I promise you that your skin will love you for it.

So we will start off with your morning routine and what should be included in your everyday steps.

Step 1: Cleanser- Cleansing your face especially in the morning is crucial to your skin. Unless you wash your pillowcase every night there is a good chance that your pillowcase is full of oil. Oil from hair that transfers to your face during the night, especially if you sleep on your stomach or side. Cleansers will help remove oil and dirt that you’ve collected over the course of the day and night!

Step 2: Toner- Face toner helps remove excess dirt, helps control acne, and help corrects and balances your pH levels. Getting rid of dead cells that accumulate on our skin is why facial toner is a MUST!

Step 3: Serum- Serums although sometimes may be more costly than your other skincare products, it is very important to have in your routine. Serums are able to penetrate into skin’s deepest layers due to it’s microscopic structure which is why it should be applied before other product layering.

Step 4: Moisturizer- Although there are many different skin types, mainly all types of skin requires additional moisture to their skin. It is very important to figure out what skin type you have so that you know to properly maintain your hydration levels your skin requires.

Step 5: Sunscreen- Yes, sunscreen. Although when it comes to sunscreen and some people of color there is a reservation about wearing it, sunscreen should be worn everyday. Sunscreen application should be your last morning step if not applying any primer and/or foundation.

Step 6: Primer

Step 7: Foundation

Now you have properly ensured your skin is protected and ready for whatever the day may holds! If you found this blog post was helpful please like and share with your friends!

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