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When you hear Milk Bath it’s no surprise Cleopatra is the first person to come to mind. Cleopatra was the Queen of Egypt who was known for her beauty in the Ancient Times. Other than being renowned for her beauty, her beauty regimen was just as popular as she. Cleopatra used donkey milk to bathe in to revitalize her skin and preserve her youthful beauty! Although this was decades ago this regimen is still used in the modern-day, and for good reason! Here are 5 reasons why you should implement Milk Bath’s as part of your own beauty regimen.

1. Skin Moisturizer- Milk baths can help prevent skin dryness such as eczema. Milk Baths are high in fats and proteins, this plays a significant part in improving dry skin. Preparing for the upcoming season changes, this is a great time to start taking milk baths a couple of times a week to keep skin nourished, hydrated, and moisturized.

2. Exfoliation- Milk contains lactic acid which is a very gentle alpha hydroxy acid that is very gentle on the skin and helps removes dead skin cells. This is beneficial because it allows exfoliation without actually scrubbing the skin

3. Calming Effect– Taking a long soak is already a relaxing adventure, by adding milk to the bath it provides a spa like experience in the comfort of your own home.

4. Skin Improvement- Implementing a milk bath in your beauty regimen, recommending no more than two a week, you’ll notice that your skin is softer and smoother. Ultimately leaving your skin with a youthful and healthy glow.

5. Perfect for All Skin Types- Although it is a concern for most when trying new things on their skin, milk baths have been proven to be safest for even the gentlest of skins. It has been proven that milk baths not only improve skin appearance, but also helps with skin irritation.Leave a comment below and let us know what you love most about your milk baths!If you are in the market of trying a Milk Bath I recommend Pampered Love’s Milk Bath that has all the benefits listed above but also detox the skin as well! It is also infused with Chamomile essential oil for the extra relaxation effect and comes with dried rose petals to really create the perfect ambiance after a long day!

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Beauty Tips 101

When you hear Milk Bath it’s no surprise Cleopatra is the first...

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