Barefoot & Unapologetic


My girlfriends and I have decided to introduce Grounding or also known as Earthing into our lives. Now, some of you probably have no clue about what I’m referring to so we are going to weigh in on just what this “new vibe” is and why you should get into it! I know it sounds like “conservationist talk” but let me assure you we aren’t out hugging trees or campaigning for the wildlife. Although this “new vibe” is still unheard of by many, this practice actually goes back hundreds of years. So let’s talk about what Grounding (or Earthing) actually is, how do you ground, and how it is beneficial to the human body.

Grounding is connecting electrically to the earth to improve your health. The human body is a natural carrier of positive charges and the earth carries a negative charge. Applying our bodies to the earth produces a transfer of electricity from positive to negative. It all sounds so scientific because well, it is but in Laymen’s terms, spending time outside barefoot is beneficial to your health.

Speaking of keeping things simple, let’s talk about how to ground. This is by far the simplest technique that can be done in three steps! Step 1. Go outside. Step 2. Take off your shoes and socks. Step 3. Walk or stand in the grass, on the concrete, in the dirt, or in the sand. Simple right? Yes it is this simple. You want to make sure you are spending at least 15 minutes a day grounding.

Now let’s talk benefits! Although there are many reasons someone would practice grounding below are a few examples of the beneficial properties grounding for 15 minutes a day can do for the body.
•Improved blood circulation
•Improved digestion
•Improved sleep
•Reduction of inflammation
•Accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity
•Reduced stress / anxiety / irritability

If this technique is new to you I suggest at least trying it with an open mind or if you are a pro at grounding we would love to hear your experience!


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